Time to Unplug and Recharge!

Vacation time yet????  Go on...find your happy place!  Unplug, re-charge and enjoy life!

We all need to relax for overall health benefits.  Have a glass of wine, enjoy the sun, breathe and just enjoy doing NOTHING!

There are many wonderful benefits to "re-charging".  It is as simple as resetting your mind and your energy.  Everyday life is not simple.  It's now busier than ever.  I believe everyone today is always running through life.  With checking social media, returning emails, text and constantly checking status updates, our lives and minds are working in overdrive most of the time.  We should recharge our mind and body at least twice a year.

Some benefits of "unplugging":
  • Reduce stress
  • Body and Mind rest
  • Improved sleep
  • Decreased risk of Cardiovascular disease
  • Increased productivity

UNPLUG!  Mentally remove yourself from work, social media and other sources of distractions!  Take a few days and recharge for yourself, your family and your job.  

Not a vacation person...well take a stay-cation.....Our grandparents idea of relaxing was stringing green beans under a shade tree in the back yard or shucking corn!  Find an activity you enjoy and go for it.  There are so many activities that do not include use of a computer, smartphone or tablet that you can enjoy!  Teach your children to unplug...this will help them form a healthy habit from the beginning!

So....come on everyone...let's unplug, regenerate, recharge...whatever you want to call it...do it!

Until next time...take your journey to health and happiness...life is good!  UNPLUG!

Garden Growing....

Garden Growing.....

Yes, last blog I said I was definitely going to try my hand at growing a garden!  All organic.  So here's the update/progress for this week.    

So far, we have pressure canned our first run of beans, which was easier than I thought!  It was time consuming but I believe worth it!  The beans look amazing!  I figured we can use these beans through out the year in soups, or with potatoes or roasted.  So many options!  I am excited to have fresh green beans this winter!  

We have already roasted some squash!  The squash is so good.  It has a sweet taste when roasted with salt, pepper and avocado oil.  So yummy and simple!  AND...organic, just like my grandparents grew their garden.

Cucumbers...yum.  What can I say?  So crisp, cool and refreshing.  We have picked quite a few!

Waiting on the tomatoes.  They are still green.  Idea:  Fried Green Tomatoes.  Who likes them?  See below for a recipe.

Corn is still growing.  Starting to see the silks growing out..I am thinking that's a good thing.

Idea:  Fried Green Tomatoes would be great!

Fried Green Tomatoes
  1/2 c cornmeal
  1/4 cup of all purpose flour
  1 tsp sugar
  salt and pepper
  cayenne pepper - use as little or much as you want
  Oil for frying
  Slice tomatoes and lay on a towel to absorb moisture.  Combine the next five ingredients.  Heat a cast iron skillet with oil (about 1/4" of oil).  Drench the tomatoes in the mixture to coat and then fry until golden brown - Turning once.  Remove to a paper towel to drain.  Add salt and pepper while hot.  AND Enjoy this tangy treat.

Take a second to comment below your ideas for gardens and how to use the beautiful bounties we receive.

Until next time...take your journey to health and happiness...life is good!

What's Your Go To Healthy Eating Plan?

With so many healthy eating lifestyles to choose from, which one really does a body good?

Since I was about 40 I started to realize I couldn't eat like I used too, meaning eating anything and everything I wanted.  Yep, that way of thinking caught up to me fast.  Now I am trying to find a healthy way of eating that will benefit me and who I am.  

From Vegan to Paleo to Keto diets - they all promise a healthy way of living....but can they do more harm than good?  Everyone needs to be the judge for themselves when they try a new type of eating. What works for one doesn't work for everyone.

I tried several lifestyles changes over the years and have dealt with issues and some changes.  It's very hard to maintain a lifestyle when you are counting calories, macros or eliminating certain food groups from your diet...makes you want pasta even more when you can't have it...LOL.  Surely I am not the only one that struggles with healthy eating, right???

I decided I would look to my grandparents for guidance in this area.  They lived very long and, for the most part, healthy lives.   Here is what I have learned so far: growing up,  they ate with the seasons.  There were no grocery store trips with lots of sugar filled snacks, no buying meat for everyday consumption and no veggies they didn't grow.  Yep, they grew their own vegetables, ORGANIC.  No pesticides, no spraying with chemicals.  Just good old fashion marigolds planted in the garden to deter pests. They used chicken or cow poo to fertilize.  HAHA amazing!  It didn't cost them a fortune to eat organic!  They ate what they could grow for the seasons. Sounds easy, right?  No, I am sure it was a lot of work and yes...they had time.  Life was simple.  Our lives are hectic and everyone is on the go all the time.  Well, if you really want it, it CAN be done.  Growing your own food, that is.

Not only did they eat their own veggies but they only were able to afford to consume meat ONCE a week.  Not everyday with every meal. Everything in moderation, right?  And when they did enjoy a piece of chicken or beef or pork it, once again, was from their farms.  No grocery store!  No previously frozen meat from a packing company!  No antibiotic filled meat with dye to color the meat! Just all organic meat.  They processed their own - and yes it creeps me out, but it was the best.

Cakes, pies, cookies, oh my!  Yes, they ate desserts. If they enjoyed any desserts, my grandparents and great grandparents made their own from scratch!  They knew what ingredients went into their food.  No crazy forms of sugars or preservatives.  Just good ole fashion simple ingredients that you can pronounce.

All this information got me to thinking...  Maybe eating the way my grandparents did is what IS healthy?  Maybe its actually in our DNA--you know our very own region--what our ancestors ate.  Could I really be onto something?  Eat with the seasons and within your own region?  I think about what is usually grown in our region.  We do not grow Avocados; however, they are so good for you.  My husband just does not like them...is his body telling him something?  See Avocados have good fats...but so does peanut butter and eggs.  Guess what, the peanuts can be grown in this area and we have chickens foraging our land, producing eggs.  He loves both eggs and nut butters.  Coincidence?  Maybe not!  At least that is my thinking.  Not saying any of this is "WHAT IS" but it is definitely something to think about.
I decided this year I would plant a small garden to see if this way of eating has benefits.  So far my garden is doing great.  I have already prepared roasted squash and it was amazing!  My husband and I planted corn, beets, onions, squash, beans, peppers and tomatoes.  It is such an amazing feeling to watch these plants grow knowing they are so good for you and that you made this happen!

I am also getting ready to plant my pumpkins!  They should be ready just about time for Halloween!  So excited.  I plan on using them to make pies and chili's AND for the grand babies to paint pumpkin faces :)
We also have planted apple trees, peach trees, pear trees and various other fruit bearing trees.  Already getting peaches...and these are, you guessed it, all organic!  For the cost of the plants and the poo we bought LOL.

I am going to give it my best shot to grow with the seasons!  I feel this is what is for me.  There is no counting anything and no staying away from certain foods.  I will still eat an Avocado when I want but the majority of my diet needs to focus on my ancestors. At least, that is what I want to try.  It worked for my grandparents and their parents and you know...so on and so on.  :)

I will keep you all updated!  In the meantime, let me know what you guys are eating when it comes to a healthy way of living.  I love reading comments and taking suggestions!  That's how we learn so please comment below!

Until next time...take your journey to health and happiness...life is good!

Sunday Funday

Every family needs a “Sunday Funday”!  Why you ask????  The more time we spend having fun, laughing and eating with our family, the happier and healthier we all tend to be.

“Sunday Funday” should be a day of time spent with family engaging in anything you all enjoy together.  My family spends every Sunday having a big family lunch with DESSERT!  The one day a week it’s ok to splurge on a sugary treat of your choice..LOL.  Some Sundays we have a Sunday Sundae Bar..which is pretty cool.  We set up a variety of ice creams and toppings and “have at it”!  It’s perfect for those hot summer days we ve ere in the South!

Ideas to incorporate into your Sunday Funday:
  •  Hiking or just taking a nice long stroll and talking about past weeks happenings. 
  • Plan a picnic at a local park. 
  • Set-up a movie outside with a popcorn bar/dessert bar…of course make sure it’s dark out! 
  • Plan a trip to an amusement park.
  • Plan a carnival day of treats like funnel cakes - so easy to make.
  • Plan a lazy river float day.

Its definitely worth getting everyone together for a day of family fun.  Making us smile is one benefit to happiness and inner peace that we all can deserve and need in our lives.  Another benefit is relaxation!  Being able to relax will help calm the mind from the weeks pinned up emotions!  So go ahead....relax as a family.

Think of all the activities you would enjoy together and make it the new norm to meet at least 3 Sundays out of the month for some family time well spent.  The memories will last a life time for everyone.  Time is precious so spend it with the people that love you.  Let’s do this one Sunday at a time…take the journey.  Life is good. J  

So, what do you have planned for your Sunday Funday?  I would love to hear your Sunday Funday ideas...leave a comment below. 

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