Time to Unplug and Recharge!

Vacation time yet????  Go on...find your happy place!  Unplug, re-charge and enjoy life!

We all need to relax for overall health benefits.  Have a glass of wine, enjoy the sun, breathe and just enjoy doing NOTHING!

There are many wonderful benefits to "re-charging".  It is as simple as resetting your mind and your energy.  Everyday life is not simple.  It's now busier than ever.  I believe everyone today is always running through life.  With checking social media, returning emails, text and constantly checking status updates, our lives and minds are working in overdrive most of the time.  We should recharge our mind and body at least twice a year.

Some benefits of "unplugging":
  • Reduce stress
  • Body and Mind rest
  • Improved sleep
  • Decreased risk of Cardiovascular disease
  • Increased productivity

UNPLUG!  Mentally remove yourself from work, social media and other sources of distractions!  Take a few days and recharge for yourself, your family and your job.  

Not a vacation person...well take a stay-cation.....Our grandparents idea of relaxing was stringing green beans under a shade tree in the back yard or shucking corn!  Find an activity you enjoy and go for it.  There are so many activities that do not include use of a computer, smartphone or tablet that you can enjoy!  Teach your children to unplug...this will help them form a healthy habit from the beginning!

So....come on everyone...let's unplug, regenerate, recharge...whatever you want to call it...do it!

Until next time...take your journey to health and happiness...life is good!  UNPLUG!

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