Finding Creativity Within

Finding Creativity Within

I would have never thought I could paint..heck I can’t even draw. Still to this day, I can NOT draw! Years ago, I was a stay at home mom. My sweetie and I decided I should learn something new. Find my creative side. I decided I would love to learn how to paint beautiful pictures. I honestly did not think I would be able to paint…but I wanted to give it a try.

I began my at journey at an Art class taught by Mr. Jack here in our home town. He is an amazing artist! I was so nervous that first few months. As you start to paint, you think…oh gosh it looks like a 3 year old painted this…but then the magic happens. You begin to see your painting come together as you start with the background and paint forward. It was so fascinating finding out how the mind works when you turn on the creative side! And just like that…I was painting. Haha..Instant artist! At least in my mind.

I found that while I was painting, it was ok to take a little time for myself! I could relax and focus on something that makes me happy. Creating something beautiful that I could appreciate.

I stick with what I love to paint…landscapes. I paint birds and owls and dogs and yes…even people. I find I do not care to paint people. Very difficult for me. However, I love painting landscapes and if a little birdie is in the picture then I do not mind painting “God’s little creatures”. Stick with what you love!

So..these are just a few of my paintings. Not too bad if I do say so myself! You never know what you can do vs. what you think you can’t do. SO..always try something new! I have found that I love painting! I paint every week and I am still learning new techniques! It gives me a sense of accomplishment with each finished painting. Something that will be here long after I am gone!

Find your creative side and learn to appreciate those moments you have with yourself. It will help you find inner peace while creating your “masterpiece”…..Loving Life!

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