Wine anyone?? wine really good for you?  There is pretty good evidence that it is!

My bestie and I decided to check out a wine tasting over the weekend.  We headed down to a place in Lenoir, NC with not only a unique name, it is also producing some unique wine...Twisted Vine Winery!  It was awesome.  They have a variety of wines..dry to sweet.

I enjoy a sweet wine..but not too sweet.  This was my first time at the winery so I opted for the sweet wine tasting.  I sampled all 6 of the "taste of the day"!  From "Beachin' Good Time" to "Cindy's Select", I walked away with a new favorite....."Bodacious"!  So, so, so yummy.  This wine has a scent of white peaches.

Oh goodness and I haven't even mentioned the "Sangria Slushy"!  Haha....a whole new take on wine for me.  It is so good..and no, it doesn't taste watered down.  We couldn't leave without a glass of this yummy goodness...yes, remember there is evidence that wine is good for us..hehe.

This is such a quaint spot.  Make sure you stop by and grab a few bottles. Nice to grab a bottle of wine, sit overlooking the vineyard and have a relaxing drink with a great friend.  Now this is how to relax on a nice cool day.

So thank you "Bestie" for sharing this wonderful winery experience with me.  I will make sure it is always a stop on my list when in Lenoir, NC.  My opinion, everything in moderation.....RIGHT?

Until next time...take your journey to health and is good, have some wine!

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