Finding Peace

Finding Peace

We all try our best to find inner peace.  It’s a difficult struggle within ourselves. Finding inner peace can entail many sacrifices along the way.  It involves removing negative thoughts, negative people and among all, removing negative behaviors.

So, how do we start?  First things have to realize you are worth all of those sacrifices.  You deserve the personal growth!  It is so hard to put ourselves first.  We have such busy lives now. Nothing is just simple.  When I was growing up it was so simple to just be a child.  Now, children are having to mature earlier in age.  This can be overwhelming...too much stress.  As adults, we have more responsibilities and along with that comes more stress.  It’s no wonder peace is difficult to find.

All things are possible...just believe in yourself.
Once we realize we deserve inner peace, we can look at the many different avenues we can take to help us begin our journey to finding that peace we all so deserve.  They say it takes 30 days to make a change become a habit.  So, for 30 days let’s learn to meditate.  We can all learn to meditate in different ways.  To begin, set aside 15 minutes a day just for yourself.  Turn off all phones, computers, and any distractions.  You can find a time after everyone has gone to bed or school....just anytime you wish.  Play nice soft music and focus on a place of calmness.  That place is yours to choose.  A place that calms you! Focus on that place for 15 minutes listening to the music.  Close your eyes and this for 15 minutes daily.  It will be hard to focus because you may not be used to the calmness.....just keep going.  Your mind will soon learn to embrace the change.  This practice can help us to remove negative thoughts.

If you prefer, you can try another approach....embracing “Nature”.  Nature can be a powerful grounding tool.  Plan a weekend trip. Nothing stressful...make it close to home.  Take only a few necessities.  Walk outside bare feet and feel Nature.  This will help you become grounded.  Feel the sand beneath your feet plant yourself down and breath.....fresh clean air.  You can find your place at the beach or on the top of a mountain. Just feel the calmness through the sounds of Nature.

It is often hard to remove negative people from our lives.  You may think that people will change..they may change one day, but until then, limit their involvement in your life.  Do not let them control your time or happiness.  Point out the good in their life when ever possible - this may help them as well.

Removing negative behaviors can have a tremendous effect on your life.  Look at your life on a day to day basis.  Do you see negative behaviors?  How about when you gossip at work??  Yes, that is negative behavior.  Work on noticing your negative behaviors and make note of the them.  Each day make a conscious effort to "nip that behavior in the bud" so to speak.  Realize it brings nothing good to your life.  It can also cause a negative impact on others lives!  

Take a minute each day to do something for yourself.......the journey will be worth it.  Share comments below along the way as you search for inner peace.  Let’s do this one day at a time....take the journey.  Life is good. 😊


Let’s take a journey to finding health and happiness the natural way.

For many years I have struggled with health concerns and inner peace.  I am a worrier by nature. Some say that’s just a Virgo trait....I worry about worring.  About things that haven’t even happened or that never happen.

I am a wife, a mother of four and a MiMi!  I am on a personal journey to finding health and happiness in the non-traditional way.  I am on a search for all natural remedies that will help improve my health without all the side effects.  Exercises that will help me gain energy!  Foods that will improve my quality of life.....all around inner peace.

Inner peace for me is an important first step to gaining all things.  As I have grown older, I have realized that peace is an important part for gaining mental and physical health.

Take a journey with me....let’s find what works and what doesn’t.  For in all reality, health and happiness is what can improve our quality of life and we can start living.

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