Sunday Funday

Every family needs a “Sunday Funday”!  Why you ask????  The more time we spend having fun, laughing and eating with our family, the happier and healthier we all tend to be.

“Sunday Funday” should be a day of time spent with family engaging in anything you all enjoy together.  My family spends every Sunday having a big family lunch with DESSERT!  The one day a week it’s ok to splurge on a sugary treat of your choice..LOL.  Some Sundays we have a Sunday Sundae Bar..which is pretty cool.  We set up a variety of ice creams and toppings and “have at it”!  It’s perfect for those hot summer days we ve ere in the South!

Ideas to incorporate into your Sunday Funday:
  •  Hiking or just taking a nice long stroll and talking about past weeks happenings. 
  • Plan a picnic at a local park. 
  • Set-up a movie outside with a popcorn bar/dessert bar…of course make sure it’s dark out! 
  • Plan a trip to an amusement park.
  • Plan a carnival day of treats like funnel cakes - so easy to make.
  • Plan a lazy river float day.

Its definitely worth getting everyone together for a day of family fun.  Making us smile is one benefit to happiness and inner peace that we all can deserve and need in our lives.  Another benefit is relaxation!  Being able to relax will help calm the mind from the weeks pinned up emotions!  So go ahead....relax as a family.

Think of all the activities you would enjoy together and make it the new norm to meet at least 3 Sundays out of the month for some family time well spent.  The memories will last a life time for everyone.  Time is precious so spend it with the people that love you.  Let’s do this one Sunday at a time…take the journey.  Life is good. J  

So, what do you have planned for your Sunday Funday?  I would love to hear your Sunday Funday ideas...leave a comment below. 

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